Das Buch  „BARE MÜNZE“ (cash coin)  

In cooperation with Monika Krautgartner, a well-known writer in Upper Austria, I have compiled this illustrated book on the Austrian Schilling. (The Schilling was the official Austrian currency from 1925 to 2001, beginning with Janury 1st 2002 it was substitued by the EURO).
With this book we have tried to set a memorial to the Austrian Schilling.
The book describes the value the Schilling once represented to us and it also shows what artists, manual workers and the industry have made with the material of the Schilling.
This book is interesting for all of those who once held it in their hands and it is also an interesting book for those who take pleasure in seeing impressive and elaborate photographs and in reading texts that pay tribute to the Schilling.

Our book should therefore have its place in each and every home in Austria. It my be of great value to your yourself and later on it is a precious object in the hands of your children and grandchildren.



During a VIP event of the chamber of commerce Christine Derfler presented the book to Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer, the head of the Austrian Social Democrats.

After an enjoyable evening with the popular Viennese actors Oto Schenk and Helmut Lohner Christine Derfler had the pleasure of presenting her book Bare Münze to them. (January 17th, 2006)


Here you can find photographs from the book

On October 29th 2003 the publishing house “Ennsthaler Verlag” presented the book to the public on the presmises of the Oberbank, Ennsleite. After some introductory words by the host, Mr Pickl, and by the publisher, Mr. Gottfried Ennsthaler, it was time for the two co-authoresses, Mrs. Christine Derfler and Mrs. Monika Krautgartner, to present their book. With music before and after by the “Steyrdorfer Saitenklang”

The book can also be ordered directly from Christine Derfler: c.derfler@liwest.at

The two co-authoresses Monika Krautgarnter (left) and Christine Derfler (right) with Gottfried Ennsthaler (the publisher, sitting)


Bare Münze - Den Schilling wieder finden
Derfler, Christine / Krautgartner, Monika

Verlag: Ennsthaler
118 Seiten
Abbildungen: durchgängig 20 × 21 cm

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